Mining operations are susceptible to natural hazards caused by landscape deformations and geomorphic processes such as landslides, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the short- and long-term evolution of geomorphic processes and how they impact fluvial, coastal, mountainous, and other environments. We employ tools such as surficial geological mapping and detailed geomorphological analysis to identify geological hazards and assess the related risks to mining operations. Combining our knowledge of engineering geomorphology theory and geohazard risk assessment with our field and industrial experience, we provide practical solutions to your mine design challenges.


  • Interpretation of local- and regional-scale remote-sensing data (from e.g. satellite imagery, LiDAR, and aerial photogrammetry) for surficial geological mapping and geohazard identification
  • Field mapping and geomorphological process analysis
  • Engineering geomorphological analysis to aid geotechnical engineering and design of mine infrastructure such as tailings dams and waste dumps
  • Geohazard assessment and stability analysis
  • 3D modeling of geomorphological units
  • 3D engineering geomorphology domaining for mine design, management, and closure
  • On-site training in engineering geomorphology and geohazard identification

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