An appreciation of the geological spatial controls to mineralization is fundamental to mine operation optimization, near-mine exploration, resource estimation, geotechnical engineering, and mineral processing. It enables us to improve near-mine exploration targeting, resource estimation confidence, geotechnical mine design support, short- and long-term mine planning, grade control, mine reconciliation, and—ultimately—profitability. 

In addition, we have the experience and expertise needed to analyse and apply grade control data in a way that minimises differences between planned and actual production, optimises business performance, and reduces risks of misdirected ore and unintentional dilution. Our experts are highly proficient in using advanced mining software packages and producing robust grade, geological, and geometallurgical models upon which the entire mining process is based. 


  • Generation of 3D geological models
  • Design, implementation, and review of grade control models
  • Drill program design for near-mine exploration programs
  • Structural geology support for geotechnical and mine design
  • Plan-to-actual reconciliation process design and audit

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