Our engineering and environmental specialists have extensive experience in designing and permitting municipal and industrial waste management and disposal facilities. Using a risk-based design approach, we provide a framework for informed decision making that helps clients reduce liabilities and increase safety.

We work on all facets of solid waste engineering, including feasibility and site selection studies, geotechnical investigations, permitting, detailed design, bid specifications, contract documentation, construction oversight, and monitoring. Previous projects include environmental audits; site characterization; design and permitting for operations and closure; vadose zone, groundwater, and waste stream investigations; landfill gas monitoring system design and installation; and financial assurance cost estimation and annual reporting. 

Our client base comprises local municipalities, mines, mineral processing plants, power stations, and a range of industries.


  • Solid waste disposal site selection, design, and permitting
  • Environmental assessments and audits
  • Environmental remediation
  • Financial assurance cost estimation and annual reporting
  • Waste minimization studies
  • Environmental management systems
  • Mine waste management
  • Municipal and industrial waste management
  • Hazardous waste management

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