Our geotechnical investigations involve superior rock mass characterization. By comprehensively evaluating and enhancing knowledge of lithological, structural, alteration, and hydrogeological issues, we classify rocks into geotechnical domains within which representative ranges of geotechnical design parameters apply.

The results of our assessments support mining projects from advanced exploration through prefeasibility and feasibility studies and operational support to mine closure: 

  • For greenfield sites, we conduct targeted drilling programs to gather data for characterizing geotechnical conditions. Our experienced staff understand that coupling drilling programs with disciplines such as exploration and hydrogeology facilitates cost-effective generation of integrated data results.
  • When starting higher-level studies, we undertake workshops for geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological, mining, metallurgical, geochemical, and environmental personnel to ensure project and data acquisition needs are well understood and processes are optimized. 
  • For existing operations, we map excavations and back-analyze conditions to assess geotechnical parameters. The results help us determine structural, hydrogeological, and stress-related conditions that could influence the design and stability of future mine excavations. 

We have significant experience in environments ranging from equatorial to permafrost and have conducted geotechnical investigations for a wide range of deposit types mined on the surface and underground—as well as for mine infrastructure engineering projects. 


  • Geotechnical investigation program design and management
  • On-site geotechnical data collection, interpretation, and management and staff supervision and training
  • Core logging, geotechnical and geological mapping, and 3D photogrammetric analysis
  • Rock mass classification using the geological strength index and rock mass, mining rock mass, and Q ratings
  • Structural geology evaluation, rock mass structural fabric analysis, and geotechnical domain evaluation
  • Alteration impact assessment for rock mass strength and geometallurgical influences
  • Rock mass strength and statistical analysis and 3D geotechnical and geotechnical block modelling
  • Groundwater inflow and slope stability analysis and mine dewatering optimization
  • Foundation, lateral support, and retaining wall design
  • Borrow material investigations and embankment design
  • Dam design and engineering, operational review, and safety inspection and risk mitigation
  • Geological hazard, geotechnical risk, and terrain stability analysis

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