Meaningful, readily accessible data provides a basis for clients to make and review decisions in real time. We have a team of professional staff who provide data validation, integration, management, and presentation services for a wide range of earth science disciplines.

Our experienced consultants use leading-edge software technologies to process, integrate, and analyze large spatial data sets from multiple sources including geological, geotechnical, environmental, and hydrological. The results support multi-disciplinary decision making and the implementation of unique and cost-effective solutions.

We also use modern data analysis techniques, including machine learning applications, to combine and analyze diverse datasets generated by multiple exploration programs and thereby increase geological understanding and maximize value. 

Other projects where our experts apply these techniques include site characterisation, tailings dam management, and environmental mapping, assessment, monitoring, and remediation. 


  • Satellite remote sensing and interpretation
  • Geographical information systems
  • Integrated information systems and their management
  • Environmental databasing
  • Geological mapping
  • Bespoke geological database setup, management, and interrogation
  • Data validation and QA/QC
  • “In the field” data collection 
  • Machine learning interrogation
  • 3D geological modelling

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