We develop process-driven, conceptual models to identify—and enhance understanding of—your mineral exploration targets. By combining cutting-edge 3D modelling software such as Leapfrog with our extensive knowledge of mineral systems, we develop optimal, cost-effective solutions at all stages of your exploration process. 

Because of the growing need for deep targeting, it’s essential to clearly understand the geometry of structures in the third and fourth dimensions. We apply a rigorous, litho-structural process to interpret geophysical and geochemical data sets and define and evaluate potential exploration targets. We also conduct advanced structural interpretations that correlate mineralized systems with structural settings as well as systematic data- and knowledge-driven mineral potential mapping using GIS, GOCAD, and state-of-the-art machine learning workflows.

Our understanding of orebody formation mechanisms and distribution within wide-ranging geological and tectonic settings enhances orebody searches and has benefitted greenfield, brownfield, and resource expansion projects. 


  • Detailed to regional-scale geological mapping
  • Structural geology and alteration analysis (including drill core and surface exposures)
  • Mineral system analysis and orebody modelling
  • 3D geological modelling
  • Regional exploration potential assessment
  • Data-driven targeting (machine learning, weights of evidence)
  • Knowledge-driven targeting (fuzzy logic)


Case study: 3D geological mapping

Anna Fonseca - Case Study: 3D Modelling

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