We have extensive experience in all aspects of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning design for underground facilities.

Starting with conceptual studies, our specialists identify the most feasible overall plan then conduct comprehensive engineering studies to help us produce a detailed ventilation and air conditioning design. Using leading-edge technologies and the wide range of computer software programs we developed in-house, we optimize the sizing and locations of fans, cooling plants, main shafts, and airways. Our software also helps us to accurately predict fan, heating, and cooling system performance; air filtration effectiveness; and operating and capital costs.

Our consultants are likewise experts in the installation and calibration of ventilation monitoring equipment.


  • Ventilation surveys for all underground facility types
  • Ventilation system modeling, design, and review at all project stages
  • Underground fire hazard and risk analysis with simulations to optimize mine design, including placement of refuge chambers and emergency egress
  • Monitoring system process and network development
  • Operational auditing and optimization
  • Climatic studies and surveys to identify and mitigate potentially hazardous sub-surface conditions
  • Emission reduction strategies
  • Troubleshooting of problems with heat, dust, gaseous contaminants, pressure differentials, etc.
  • Capital and operation cost estimation

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