As mines approach the ends of their operating lives or closed mines face ongoing legacy problems, owners must find ways of protecting groundwater and surface water resources. We work with clients to understand the risks related to water quantity and quality and to develop appropriate engineering controls and reclamation measures.

Our integrated mine water balance models are key tools for predicting and assessing the effects of mine closure on the water environment. They aid prediction of groundwater flow, surface water hydrology, contaminant transport, mine water balance assessment, and acid rock drainage (ARD).

We also use calibrated models as a management tool for supporting aftercare strategies.



  • Hydrogeological studies 
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring and modelling 
  • Pit lake modelling
  • Geochemistry and water quality studies
  • ARD management 
  • Contaminant transport modelling 
  • Water collection and treatment 
  • Closure cost and liability assessments

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