Implementation of appropriate quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures during exploration ensures the trustworthiness of the data produced. Sound quality assurance programs include written field procedures and regular, independent verification of drilling, surveying, sampling, and assaying data as well as of data management processes and database integrity. 

Our experienced exploration consultants audit, review, and advise on quality control procedures in addition to performing data reviews during all project phases. This includes reviewing existing sampling protocols and advising on appropriate sampling strategies, considering theoretical and practical implications of sampling techniques.

Combining analytical techniques and our knowledge of best practices, we draw pertinent conclusions and make recommendations that ensure compliance with international reporting codes.


  • Independent, practical advice on sampling protocols to ensure compliance with international reporting codes
  • Independent review of, and recommendations on, QA/QC procedures and databases to ensure compliance with international reporting codes
  • Verification of exploration drilling programs
  • Verification of chain of custody protocols
  • Review of sample preparation and laboratory facilities

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