Managing drainage water quality is a critical concern for all mining and non-mining rock handling operations. Discharges must meet stringent local, regional, and national standards to avoid environmental damage. 

Our global team of engineers and geoscientists with geochemical expertise will help you develop cost-effective solutions to drainage issues ranging from severe acidity to the presence of unusual trace elements.

Designing appropriate ways of controlling leaching may be critical to your project feasibility. We address drainage chemistry at all project stages, including new mine permitting, current operation optimization, closure plan development, and abandoned mine remediation. 

Our approach is based on knowing how site-specific geological conditions control the processes by which rocks break down when exposed by blasting. We will collaborate with your geologists to understand your site and reduce the impacts and engineering costs of managing mine water quality. 


  • Waste geochemical and mineralogical characterization for all stages of mine planning and permitting
  • Evaluation of waste management options
  • Evaluation of the influence of reagents (e.g. explosives and cyanide)
  • Water chemistry modeling
  • Workshops, short courses, and expert witness testimony

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