Many ore deposits are formed within structurally complex areas. Most mineral deposits are therefore controlled to some extent by geological structures and related hydrothermal alteration. These structures, both large- and small-scale, impact nearly all technical aspects of mineral exploration and mining, including grade control, resource estimation, targeting, rock mass engineering, and hydrogeology. 

Our structural geologists have the technical experience needed to solve your mineral exploration and production problems. Combining this experience with a clear grasp of geological processes in 4D, our experts identify ore deposit controls for near-mine and regional exploration targeting, characterize and analyze fractures to mitigate mine stability and underground water in-flow problems, and define structural geometries in geotechnical studies of large open pit operations. 

We also foster communication between geology and mine planning and mineral processing at operating mines. 


  • Field structural analysis to determine the controls on grade distribution
  • Geological, geochemical, and geophysical data integration and interpretation and remote sensing in geophysics
  • 3D geological modelling of complex ore bodies for mineral estimation and resource wireframing
  • On-site training in structural geology and acquiring structural data related to project sites


How structural geology is applied from exploration to closure

Interview with James Siddorn, Principal Structural Geology Consultant

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