Our wholistic approach to surface water hydrology and hydraulics promotes the optimal development and management of water resources. We focus on understanding and managing the influence of water on all mine elements, including dewatering systems, water supply, site drainage, stormwater management, and waste disposal.

Our water management services range from planning and analyzing river catchments through developing water resources to designing and implementing stormwater control measures. Using specialized software, our engineers and scientists assess the quality and quantity of your water and effluent then optimize their control.

We also help design and implement monitoring systems, including selecting and procuring instrumentation.



  • Water resource systems modelling 
  • Water storage and attenuating structure design 
  • Dam design and safety inspections 
  • Reservoir yield analysis 
  • Pipeline analysis and design 
  • Canal analysis and design 
  • Diversion channel design 
  • Transient pressure analysis 
  • Storm water management and flood studies 
  • Surface water monitoring

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