To optimize facility design, construction, operation, and ultimately closure, consideration must be paid to the specifics of each site’s location, disposal method, management approach, and long-term closure objectives. By comprehensively assessing foundation conditions, land use patterns, seismic risk, and hydrology during the initial, site selection stage, our consultants help you save costs and minimize risks. We also study chemical and physical properties and integrate thorough testing programs into tailings disposal system designs. 

Our experts combine worldwide experience with international best practices and use the latest methods and technologies to provide tailings delivery and storage methods tailored to the project setting and your particular project requirements.


  • Site evaluation and selection
  • Water balance development and utilization
  • Geotechnical, hydrogeologic, rheologic, and geochemical evaluation and characterization
  • Feasibility and financial evaluation
  • Risk and hazard assessment and emergency response planning
  • Construction and operation monitoring, management, and quality assurance
  • Decommissioning, closure, and landform restoration

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