Since the early 1990s, with the advent of strong local legislation for mine reclamation, mine closure planning has become of paramount importance to mining companies. Our combination of internationally recognized experience in all mining issues and 30 years in mine closure makes us the partner of choice for this planning. 

Planning early for mine closure is essential to avoid future environmental and social liabilities. Current best practices and legal obligations dictate that all mines should be “designed for closure”, and closure plans with financial securities (such as bond postings) are often required as permit conditions. 

Implementing closure plans involves engineering studies, creation of construction drawings and construction QA/QC, contract management, completion of design-build packages, and testing and monitoring (including post-closure). Feasibility studies and operating plans also routinely include sustainable reclamation and closure planning.

Finally, our asset retirement obligation (ARO) specialists ensure accurate closure cost estimation and compliance with external audits. 


  • Closure plan and concept development, assessment, and management 
  • Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) and health and safety and economic studies, including mitigation planning and community and government stakeholder engagement 
  • Waste characterization and geochemical assessment
  • Seismic assessments
  • Earthwork design and stability assessments such as landform engineering 
  • for waste dump and tailings storage facilities
  • Soil cover and reclamation design and sediment and erosion control
  • Hydrologic assessments, including water quality and acid rock drainage, and water treatment system design
  • Revegetation management

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